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  • 6/13/2008
    Web Mentions:Frank Miller lines Up All Star Cast For Sequel

  • 3/23/2008
    Web Mentions:Mickey Not in Sin City 2?

  • 3/27/2007
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    Banderas and Depp in Sin City 2?
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    Rosario Dawson Strips Down for Sin City 2

  • 3/17/2007
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    Minds Behind 300 Reveal Real News About Sin City2
    Sin City 2 To Get Filmed in June
    Brief Sin City 2 Updates
    When Film and Graphic Novels Collide
    Franks The Man
    Angelina Back in The Game ?
    Miller on Sin City 2

  • 3/9/2007
    Web Mentions:
    First Showing

  • 2/25/2007
    More Sin City 2 News:
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  • 2/23/2007
    Sin City 2 is a Go!
    The Movie Blog
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  • 1/20/2007
    From Comic to Reel:

    Brittany Murphy told SCI FI Wire that she would happily reprise her Sin City role as the sexy barmaid Shellie in Sin City 2 if and when Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller get the sequel off the ground.
    "I love Shellie so much," Murphy (Happy Feet) said during an interview on behalf of her current release, the drama The Dead Girl. "Frank has a soft spot for the character of Shellie. He wrote Shellie into every single one of his graphic novels, and she's the only single character that he wrote into every single one. So I'd like to see Frank be pleased with whatever Shellie's doing and the amount of whatever Shellie's doing. I would pop into any of the Sin City movies and say one line. I love being a part of it, and I have the real blessing of having had the stamp of approval from Frank Miller for his favorite character."

  • 1/17/2007
    Rachel Weisz to portray Ava Lord?
    Is Jolie No longer a Dame to Kill For? (Sin City 2)
    CBR News tells us that there are rumors swirling that director Robert Rodriguez won't wait for Angelina Jolie to be "A Dame To Kill For," and will be replaced by either "Constantine" vet Rachel Weisz or "Charmed" sister Rose McGowan, depending on which rumor monger you find more credible.


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