There came a time in my life when I made a choice to live organically. And I don’t mean I started smoking weed, or went on a health kick and made weekly trips to the farmers market or the organic isle at the grocery store and bought all things labeled organic. I’m talking about having a true connection to my environment, my emotions, my circumstances. Living life with my eyes wide open and probing; Willing to absorb the raw beauty of the now. Slowing down to actually smell the roses; Or gardenias cause they’re my favorite. 

As a society we are stuck in fast forward. Rushing to get from here to there. From Point A to Point B, as quickly as we can. Then on to Point C never having fully enjoyed Point A or Point B; They’re but a blur on our path to Point C and every other Point there after. 

Have you noticed that some people don’t even stop for red lights anymore? So anxious and eager, they go right through them. 

Why are you in a hurry to get to the next light?

Relax and get to know your authentic self, without all the chatter and the propaganda. Learn to slow down and silence the chatter; To walk, not run to your next experience. This is one step towards living organically. 

Another great experience is to hear music in the raw. How? Concerts, concerts, and more concerts. There’s nothing more exhilarating than hearing your favorite artist live and in person. A few years ago we went to see Juliette and the Licks in LA, not only was her performance amazing, the energy of this woman was truly inspiring. I realized she’s a performer that absorbs the love and energy from the crowd. She was constantly leaning over, touching and engaging with her audience. And when we were primed and ready she dove right in! We lifted her up and she floated across the top of the crowd, merging her energy with ours, creating this organically raw, beautiful experience. Seeing this made me reflect on how important it is to live life through experience rather than through headphones. Same revelation happened last year while at The Psychedelic Furs concert. I was fortunate to be in the front row. About three songs in, with my phone up in front of my face, recording the one of a kind Richard Butler, I had an epiphany, why am I looking at him perform through the screen when he’s right in front of me, raw and in person? I put my phone away and experienced his greatness in real time. 

I learned to truly enjoy the moments I am in and take the time to experience life in this organic way. We are all conduits of energy and experience. I hope you seek out to live yours organically. 

It’s so enriching.

-LaShane <3

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