For those of you who have been kind of down this past week, month, year, I am so sorry that certain things have transpired in the way that they have in your life. I know that there aren’t easy fixes that can make your pain or disappointments disappear. But I want to share a few insights I’ve used to ensure my happiness never lost its shine in the darkest of days. 

It’s all about perceptions and learning how to switch the narrative.
Change how you view incidences in your life.

Heartaches and disappointments can be crippling, but they are also an aspect of life’s journey that we all must experience and endure. It strengthens us. It helps us on our path to being wiser more efficient beings. 

Don’t dwell in guilt for any period of time. Disappointments we create unintentionally can be like emotional quicksand. I speak from experience. If you continue to dwell there, you’ll later find yourself neck deep in regrets and further from your path to building healthy relationships with those you love.

I wish for you all to be happy. To be the best people you can be. Be it a mommy/daddy, wife/husband, sister/brother, daughter/son or a friend, these personas we are in our lives and relationships, shape and mold us. Some take precedent over others — it’s a formula we learn as we live and love. I have no doubts that once you learn this balance, you’ll understand the most important person you need to be, is a loving and caring person to yourself — because only then, will all your other relationships blossom. 

I wish you all a wonderful 2020!

Happy New Year! 

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