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I fell in love with reading and writing when I was a little girl. Up until the sixth grade I thought authors were as mysterious and mythical as some of the creatures I read about in books. It wasn’t until my brother’s best friend stood in my living room reciting his poetry to my Mom that I realized writers were people. REAL people that turned their thoughts and their imagination into written works of art. That day changed my life.

I spent most of my junior high and high school years orchestrating thought into written word until I was asked to the prom by a cute boy with glasses. I said yes and that changed the course of my life once again. I was married and with child, a beautiful daughter, a year later. Four years into bliss and I got the itch and tangoed with domestication for quite some time.REBELLION is a pedagogue ripe with harsh lessons that leave you contemplating your place in REALITY.

Then five years later I lost a baby and I ran straight into the thick wall of grief until the Universe gave me twin boys, a year later. That changed me, once again; put the SUNSHINE back in my life. And even though my LIFE had changed I had new challenges, three kids, one with Autism and I was stumbling, running through Existence, trying to catch up. I asked the Universe for help, my DEAR GOD moment and BAM I was given another set of twins… A CLEAR SIGN to stop running. Let go and let, they say… 

And so I did. I stopped running and let go and all the external obstacles and challenges stopped. I pulled out the bliss that I had shoved in the back corner..  And it’s defined my life ever since.

And through it all I continued to orchestrate.

I hope you enjoy my work.