Sadie Reed’s mom died when she was six and it changed the course of her life, forever. It strained her relationship with her dad who, after her mom’s death, became hostage to his grief. While searching for ways to reconnect with her dad, Sadie finds she has a very unique gift, something she suspects her mom always knew. 

Shortly after her twenty first birthday Sadie experiences an undeniable vision, and realizes she can read minds and see the future. When she uses her gift to try and connect with her dad, it sends her spiraling down an emotional rabbit hole that reveals TRUE EVIL does exist.

Can her best friend Adrian, whom she is falling in love with, and ANGEL, an old dying Psychic, who smokes too much and swindles people for money, be enough to pull her out? 

The Pain Eater is a gripping, stylistically written coming into power story that uniquely touches on the lasting PAIN associated with loss, the POWER within true love, and the STRENGTH of family.