Who am I? 

Who is the person I wish to be? 

I wish to be me,

Traveling through time,

With open arms,

An open mind;

Living life each day,

Not afraid,

It’s not a game;

It’s just the way,

I choose to be.

Who am I?

Who is it that the world,

So full of pride,

perceives me to be? 

Will the world say, 

I am just a race? 

Without a name? 

Without a face? 

A victim of its diversity?

Struggling to find,

A way to define my place in its society?

Who am I?

Who is it that I am today?

Am I to say, 

I am a Christian, a Patriot an American? 

An African American? 

But without the cross, the flag or the color of my skin,

Am I not just HUMAN? 

So, who am I?

Who do I see when I look at me? 

I see a person filled with love, strength and beauty.

I see that I am you and you are me. 

Different reflections of the same humanity. 

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